Location Advantage
KIPC Regional Business Advantages

KIPC offers a major competitive advantage to companies that depend on the efficient movement of raw materials, anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic Region. KIPC has all the transportation needed for success; a major international airport, a network of interstate highways, a robust regional rail system, access to Mid-Atlantic sea ports, and a key location mid-way between New York City and Washington, D.C.

  • 40% of the U.S. population resides with a one-day drive
  • 60% of the population of both the U.S. and Canada are reachable by
  • New York City and Washington D.C. are within a 2.5 hour drive or 1.5 hours via train
  • Three major ports with 30 full-service terminals
  • International hub for American Airlines
  • West Coast, Europe and South American ~6 Hour Flight
  • The UPS hub is capable of handling 95,000 packages per hour and providing same-day service to both Western Europe and the Eastern US
  • Construction of an upgraded cargo facility is part of the airport’s $5 billion expansion plan
  • Two Class 1 freight railroads – CSX and Norfolk Southern provide direct service to the KIPC
  • The only major East Coast port served by two Class 1 railroads
  • KIPC has over 50 miles of rail accessing 1,000 acres of land
  • Unit train capability with over 2 miles of track length
  • The KIPC is an active conduit for international trade and comprises three major ports with 30 full-service terminals
  • Served by two Class 1 railroads (Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation)
  • KIPC is among the few in the US with available land for expansion, with large parcels also available for construction of warehouses and distribution centers
  • The Delaware River is dredged to 38 feet to accommodate 1 Panamex vessel.
  • There are over 200 large distribution facilities within a 75-mile radius of the port of Philadelphia
  • Convenient access to I-95, I-80, I-78, NJ & PA Turnpikes
  • Located at the core of the Northeast corridor, KIPC is well connected by interstate highways to points north and south (via I-95, I-295, the New Jersey and Delaware Turnpikes) and east and west (I-76/Pennsylvania Turnpike with proximity to I-78 and I-80)
  • Hundreds of distribution centers are located in the area, many along I-95, the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the New Jersey Turnpike for convenient north/south access
  • Major interstate highways connecting the region to major cities